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As a fashion designer, I consider the body and movement in all of my work. I design unisex clothing that can be mixed and matched by the wearer to express who they are while remaining comfortable. The pieces vary from hand knitwear to suiting to lingerie. My inspiration comes from everywhere, including theatrical and drag performance, travels from my time abroad, and the inspiring people in my life. I like to play with a visual narrative in my work whether it be a progression of an idea from piece to piece or small details that pull a collection together. 

I aspire to bring my visions to already established high fashion brands and to help broaden their realm of unisex and knitwear design. As I specialize in hand knitwear, I am interested in pushing luxury knitwear into extremes beyond the classic cut cashmere sweater. By developing the fabric and texture while determining the silhouette, there are so many possibilities available in hand knitwear not possible in other mediums. I choose to mainly design unisex as I don’t believe clothes need to be gendered. 

Alongside my aspirations in fashion, I have also rediscovered a love for wardrobe and costume design through my internship and job with the Wardrobe team at Sleep No More.


2020 Pratt Institute BFA Fashion Design

Fall 2018 Kingston Study Abroad Program

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